Xunlei Thunder 5.8.14 English Translation Pack

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Xunlei Thunder 5.8.14 English Translation Pack
The latest Xunlei 5.9 has been encrypted and could not be translated. But don’t worry, you can still use Xunlei 5.8 with English Translation Pack available. The pack is not 100% accurate but can of course reduce the hassle of looking at unwanted Chinese characters.The translation pack is from my own effort. You can try out HeHehunter’s version as well.

Follow the steps below:

Download Xunlei Thunder 5.8.14

Download Link

(When install, you can uncheck everything to avoid installing unwanted items.)

Download Xunlei Thunder English Pack

Download Link

Extract the zipped file to the Thunder language folder in C:\Program Files\Thunder Network\Thunder\Languages

Launch Xunlei, look at the tool menu, click (V) and scroll down to Language. Find English (US). Done!

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